Nick Jonas: 'I Can't Wait To Connect With My UAE Fans'

The youngest Jonas Brother is heading to Dubai to play his first gig in the UAE as a solo artist. And he's agreed to go out partying with Ahlan! Lucky us...
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 27 July 2017
Nick Jonas: 'I Can't Wait To Connect With My UAE Fans'
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Nick Jonas

He’s only 24, so it’s hard to believe Nick Jonas has been living his life in the spotlight ever since the Jonas Brothers burst onto the scene in 2005. Despite being famous for half his life, Nick has managed to live a somewhat normal life in the crazy world of showbiz, unlike many of the child stars of Tinseltown that eventually suffer a downward spiral. In fact, Nick has even forged a successful post-Jonas Brothers solo career, and is bringing his one-man solo show to the UAE in October, when he performs at the Fiesta De Los Muertos festival. Ahlan! caught up with Nick ahead of his much-anticipated concert.

We’re excited to see you back in Dubai. 
So am I. It’s been a long time. The last time I was there was with my brothers. It was the last show we played before a long break. It’s probably been about seven years.

Wow, then it’s about time you came back.
It’s been way too long. My brother Joe performed in Dubai last year with DNCE and he said it was by far one of his favourite shows. He definitely convinced me to go back and I’m really excited about it.

What do you have in store for your Dubai fans this time around as a solo artist?
Musically, emotionally, and just career-wise, I’ve experienced a lot of growth over the last couple of years. I’ll be playing my new songs and ones that they’ve become familiar with over the last few years.

What do you been by the emotional growth? 
Anytime you step out on your own it’s nerve-wracking. I can enjoy the ride a lot more now. Being able to find myself as a solo artist, I’m finally confident and comfortable in my own skin. When I launched as a solo artist, I was still growing.

What’s the most fun about doing your own thing, post-Jonas Brothers era?
It’s in different categories. As a solo artist I’ve been able to experiment with music. On the acting side, it’s been really special. The acting has also helped me grow as a writer. With the Brothers, I didn’t take the time to step back and say, ‘wow, this is special’.

What are your first thoughts about the UAE ahead of your visit? 
Jonas Brothers actually performed in Abu Dhabi, and then we went to Dubai to visit and hang out. It was such a beautiful place. I’ve had lots of friends who’ve recently gone and had a good time. And now, as an adult, I’m really excited to go back and see it. They’ve even given me a list of places to go to. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I’ve written it all down in my notebook.

We will happily give you a few tips…
Thanks! Also, social media has been an amazing tool for connecting people. My goal is to connect with the fans there and also ask them about where I should go.

You’ve been in the spotlight since you were 12. How do you cope with the attention? 
You’ve got to. For me it’s just trying to live my life and not be as concerned about it like some people are. I’m grateful to be in the spotlight so that I can do what I love, but I’m aware of the responsibility that comes with having eyes on you. But I’m definitely going to make mistakes and do things that people will disagree with.

Compared to other former Disney stars, you’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it together. 
My graduating class of Disney, which was me and my brothers, Demi [Lovato], Miley [Cyrus] and Selena [Gomez] – we’ve all done pretty well. I think that class in particular was fortunate, in a way.We were all willing to work hard.

If you could collaborate with any former Disney star, who would you pick? We’re hoping you’ll say Britney.
[Laughs] I’d love to work with Britney! She’s amazing. I saw her Vegas show a few years ago and was blown away. Honestly? I’ve been in love with what Miley and Selena are doing. And Demi and I have a longstanding friendship and creative relationship. Any one of those I’d be down to work with. 

Brilliant, we’re crossing fingers. In the meantime, can Ahlan! take you for a night out after your Dubai show?
I would love to hang out in Dubai and see all the different spots. My friends have all told me it’s unforgettable, so I really hope I have the time to experience it. 

Great. We’ll take that as a ‘yes’...
I’m down! 

INFO: Nick will perform on 27 Oct at the Fiesta De Los Muertos festival held at Dubai Autism Rocks Arena. Tickets start from Dhs350 and are available from 

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