Nick Gets Jealous

15 Oct 2008

Mariah's hubby gets a dose of the green-eyed monster

Rapper NICK CANNON struggled to direct his wife MARIAH CAREY's new video because she had to roll around in bed with another man.

Cannon admits he had no idea how hard it would be to watch his partner canoodling with a model right in front of him, while they were making the promo for I Stay In Love together.

He says, "We did it in, like, one take and I had to kick the dude out. It was one of those situations where I wasn't intimidated but I could've knocked him out at any point.

"He was playing, like, a fictional character, but I could have done without it."

But, once the awkward scene was over, Cannon admits he enjoyed directing his wife: "She's very easy to work with... we had no beef at all."