Nicholas Cage Arrested

Cops book actor over domestic violence dispute
Nicholas Cage Arrested
Actor Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Cagewas arrested yesterday after police were called to a street fight between the actor and his wife. A taxi driver in New Orleans, Louisiana, made the call to the cops after witnessing a drunken Nicholas fighting and pushing his wife Alice Kim in the famous French Quarter of the city.

According to police reports, “Cage and his wife were standing in front of a residence that he insisted was the property the couple was renting. She disagreed, and Cage grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her to what he believed was the correct address.”

When police arrived at the scene, the 47-year-old National Treasure star refused to leave quietly and challenged the authorities to arrest him, which they did. He was taken to jail in the early hours of the morning, later posting Dhs40,400 bail.

The arrest comes hot on the heels of Cage’s recent financial woes. According to reports, the actor is in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) yet again after failing to pay millions in federal income taxes.

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