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Niall Horan is Dating a Belgian Student

13 Jul 2016

The cutest One Direction member has been spotted for the second time with his new girl!

One Direction’s Niall Horan was recently spotted by fans and reporters cuddling and getting very close to a stunning Belgian student at a recent concert. The girl in question has since been identified as Celine Helene Vandycke.

If you were hoping that it was just a one-off and despite no official comment from either of them, a second date at a nightclub appears to confirm that the pair are an item. Yep, you’re allowed to start crying now.

Plus, some very sneaky fans have manages to uncover a video interview from when the whole band was still together, that may just prove that this relationship has been going on for a while.

The footage shows Niall and the rest of the band taking questions from fans, and one of them was coincidentally named ‘Celine’. Liam made a funny joke regarding the name that caused Niall to burst out laughing. Niall has been linked to other women since then, like Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez, so is it possible that he and Celine have been friends for a while and have only just started dating?

What do you think? Old friends or random coincidence? Either way, you have to hand it to One Direction fans for their stalking abilities! They actually uncovered a video from years ago just because Niall is dating a girl! They could put the FBI to shame.