New YouTube Weather Channel for UAE!

New YouTube Weather Channel for UAE!

22 Jun 2015

Get reliable forecasts for free online at any time!

The UAE’s set to get its very own online weather channel, putting paid to rumours and offering warnings about sandstorms, rain, cyclones and even earthquakes.

Available to all via YouTube, the service will go live after Eid Al Fitr and broadcast daily and weekly shows in English and Arabic. It’ll also feature health and travel programmes.

Dr Abdullah Al Mandoos, Executive Director of the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), said the decree was aimed at providing credible, reliable weather forecasts to counteract scaremongering, while also enabling all residents and nationals to benefit from the latest technology used to predict quakes and other extreme phenomena.

Speaking to government news agency WAM, he added that the channel’s launch formed part of a plan to enhance the Emirates’ ‘smart government’ systems, which are making a growing number of services accessible online and via smartphone apps.