New (Very Fashionable) Beginnings allows you to give your 'never used' goods a new life - and earn credits to stock up on more treasures!
Sunday , 11 March 2012
New (Very Fashionable) Beginnings
Xagura co-founders Rikke and Nanna

Ever get a great handbag as a gift but you already have the same one? Have you been given a gorgeous dress but it’s the wrong size? If so, a new fashion website helps you connect with potential buyers – as well as stock up on more fashionable finds!

The site,, is a new concept in the UAE and has been launched by two entrepreneurial ladies from Denmark - Nanna Dalsgaard and Rikke Raahauge – who say their passion for great brands, special findings and quality items drove them to bring the unique business idea to life.

“Looking at our friends and ourselves, we realised many of us have great things in our closets or in the storage, clothes, shoes, accessories or furniture we for some reason don’t use anymore or have never used at all. So we thought, why not create a site with the option of exchanging these items with other connoisseurs?” says Rikke.

The only fashion portal where you can find, buy and sell your designer labels and great items online, Xagura lets you give your ‘never used’ treasures a new life. By posting them on, you can earn credits for new purchases! It’s free to sign up to Xagura and what you make from your sales is your money alone.

“When you enter the site you will see that is elegant, stylish and fashionable, as should the things posted at the site,” explains Nanna Dalsgaard.

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