New to Dubai? Read this!

There's an airport scam you should be aware of
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 04 July 2017
New to Dubai? Read this!

Don't let your visit to Dubai get off to a bad start!

First-time vistors, be sure to keep your passport with you at all times, and make sure yu don't hand it over to anyone.

A new scam has been taking place at Dubai International Airport, where an Asian man has been targetting unsuspecting visitors to the country. He approaches travellers pretending to be a PRO or representative of their host sponsor or company, asks for their passports along with money to purchase a phone and SIM card for them. He then proceeds to disappear, stealing their belongings!

Prosecutor General Sami Al Shamsi, Head of Bur Dubai Prosecution, said: “Travellers should keep their passports and personal belongings in their possession and not hand them to anyone except to the proper representative of their hosts. Before handing over your passport to anyone, these travellers should ensure that their passports in safe hands … like the PRO of the hosting agency, or the employer/sponsor,” reports Gulf News.

“The suspect preyed on a number of travellers, who happened to be first-time visitors to Dubai … he used to fish for them outside the arrivals terminal and look for travellers, who seemed to be waiting for someone to pick them up. The suspect had been staying in the country illegally since his visa had expired and he failed to pay the fines for overstaying,” said Al Shamsi.

Prosecutor Kulaitham Abdullah, who handed the interrogation in the case, said: “The suspect was apprehended in cooperation with the Dubai police stationed at the airport. He was spotted roaming around suspiciously at the arrivals terminal before law enforcement officers apprehended him. His facial features matched with those descriptions that were given to the police by one of the victims.”

The suspect admitted during questioning that he had swindled a number of travellers and stolen their cash money, phones, passports and other belongings.

Watch out!

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