New Survey Confirms: Social Media Complicates Breakups

Over one in five women can’t let go and ‘stalk’ exes online
ByNathalie ViranyiSunday , 24 August 2014
New Survey Confirms: Social Media Complicates Breakups
Do you keep it cool on social media after a breakup?

When you break up with your boyfriend, do you get your inspector gadget gear on and check out his Facebook profile to see what he is up to without you? Just, you know, to make sure he is not head over heels for someone else or even worse, having a blast at being single!

Guess what, you are not alone!

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on 2,000 women in the UK reveals that although half of the questioned ladies cut all ties in terms of social media connections after a split, more than a fifth continues to check up on their exes profiles and social activity via friend's or fake profiles.

Highlights of the survey also confirmed that almost 30% continue to stay friends with their exes on social networks, whereas almost half of the participants in the survey block their exes from social media to end things on all levels of interaction. 22% admit to having kept a 'sneaky eye' by only using someone else's or a fake profile, or when they know the person of interest is actually offline and won't be able to track the activity.

The independent research was commissioned by, a female-dominated social network from the UK and the world's first to be completely anonymous (not even staff can identify users).

Does stalking your ex help? Probably not, on the contrary, it would just make it much harder to get over him. So maybe next time you intend on checking out what he is up to, you're better off making some plans on your own and get out of the house to avoid disappointment - a Ladies' Night with your BFF perhaps?