New 'Smart Address' System for Dubai!

Homes could get GPS codes to help taxi drivers
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 02 July 2015
New 'Smart Address' System for Dubai!
The Springs in Dubai could become simpler to navigate!

If you’re fed up of driving all over the place seeking addresses that don’t make sense, life could be aboout to get a whole lot easier.

A scheme to give buildings special GPS codes is being rolled out across the emirate, meaning motorists will be able to locate homes and businesses using satellite navigation systems, reports UAE newspaper 7Days.

Dubai Municipality has released details of a study into its ‘geo-addressing’ system, called Makani, which it launched on a limited scale in January.

It’ll eventually give every building in the emirate its own location number and some 128,000 could be allocated by the end of this year alone.

The codes are likely to prove handy when drivers navigate new residential areas.

Makani team leader Hamed Al Salhi told 7Days: “Less driving to find a place means that there is less traffic and less polluting from car emissions. People can reach their destinations with the least cost, effort and time.

“It gives you the precise location of the entrance of each building in Dubai so you no longer need to describe your location as the ‘biggest house’, or ‘near the green tree’ or near ‘the grocery shop’. The only thing you need to do is give the 10-digit number.”

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