New requirement for Filipino passport renewals

New requirement for Filipino passport renewals

14 Aug 2017

Here's what you need to know about the new rule

Are you Filipino applying for a passport? Philippine missions now requiring some Filipinos applying for renewals to bring a copy of their birth certificates to proceed with the application.

This new requirement applies to Filipinos whose passports only state the province of birth. These passport holders are now being asked to bring along a copy of their birth certificates issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Vice-Consul Elizabeth Picar Ramos confirmed to Gulf News that the new system requires for the specific place of birth (the city or municipality) to appear on the passport. Older passports stating only provinces will sadly not be processed without the copy of a birth certificate.

“We are now required to input the city or municipality of birth. This is why we require our compatriots to bring their birth certificates so we can scan it together with the passport application and send it to Manila,” Ramos told Gulf News.

“If the application does not have a scanned copy of the birth certificate, the printing gets suspended in Manila. So we do not accept or process applicants here unless they have all the required documents because lifting the suspension is a difficult process.”

Ramos said this new birth certificate requirement started in August, so be sure to take it along if your passport doesn’t state the specific place of birth.