New Product Promises More Lashes!

08 Feb 2010

Renewal Lash Serum launched by L'ORÉAL Paris

L'ORÉAL Paris has launched Renewal Lash Serum, a lash booster that gives you more lashes!

Based on a new study by L'ORÉAL Research on the mechanism that determines eyelash life cycles, L'ORÉAL Paris hair care and makeup laboratories entered into a joint collaboration to create an entirely new kind of product that stimulates, strengthens and thickens the lashes.

The serum has to be used twice daily for four weeks for optimum results. During the day, apply the serum then allow it to dry for a few seconds before applying your mascara. At night, apply the serum to bare lashes.

To achieve best results with the Lash Renewal Serum, L'ORÉAL Paris has launched, a two in one eyelash care and mascara designed to give lashes a nourishing boost every day. The new L'ORÉAL Paris Double Extension Mascara with Renewal Serum Inside is the first mascara that combines the Renewal Lash Serum inside a mascara.

This ultra lengthening and intense-black mascara works to visibly lengthen and protect each and every lash.

All L’Oreal Paris products are available at Carrefour, Debenhams, Lifestyle and Boots pharmacies across the GCC.

L'ORÉAL Paris Lash Rebewal Serum retails at AED 89.
L'ORÉAL Paris Double Extension Mascara with Renewal Serum Inside retails at AED 89.

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