New Pizza Place Alert! The Pizza Guys at Bay Avenue Mall, Business Bay

New Pizza Place Alert! The Pizza Guys at Bay Avenue Mall, Business Bay

23 Sep 2013

No freezers for them, new artisanal pizzeria in Dubai’s Business Bay offers super-fresh pizzas

We're passionate about pizza here at Ahlan! HQ and, having tried The Pizza Guys' offerings, quite impressed with what they've got. Expect pizzas, pastas and sandwiches that are uber-fresh and prepared in a no-freezer environment.

Think top quality ingredients including hormone–free Wagyu beef and creamy handmade stracciatella cheese and rosemary potatoes. When the dough is ready to be used, it's shaped by hand and then the pizzas are cooked in a Valoriani brick oven imported from Florence. The Italian authenticity shows and more of that comes across with classic spaghetti with Wagyu beef meatballs, chicken parmigiano with made-from-scratch artisanal loaves and homemade cookies filled with Lindt dark chocolate.  

Plus, they'll have you know that Amber Haque and Rami Badawi, the husband and wife team behind the brand, trained at the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (Association of True Neopolitan Pizza to us) in the traditional art of Napoli pizza making, followed by a trip to New York to eat at the Big Apple's most legendary pizzerias. They then tested batch after batch of dough until they came up with their own secret recipe for a fab pizza base.

We think they did pretty well!

INFO: The Pizza Guys, Tower F, mezzanine floor, Bay Avenue Mall, Business Bay, Dubai, open daily from 11am to 10:30pm, and until 11pm on Thursdays and Fridays, 800 843 4897,

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