New Netflix series ‘Jinn’ has caused an uproar in Jordan

16 Jun 2019

The company jumped to the defence of its cast and crew

Netflix has jumped to the defence of its teams following uproar in Jordan over the supernatural drama, Jinn, which was filmed in Petra. It’s the first original series that Netflix has produced in the Middle East, and officials in Jordan have been looking to take the show off Netflix MENA.

After its release last week, a prosecutor is asking the country's cybercrimes unit to investigate it and take action after it being accused of 'immoral scenes'. The cast and crew of the show have reportedly been bullied, causing Netflix to make a statement on its official channels.

The five-episode supernatural drama follows a group of teenagers whose lives are turned upside down when magical genies appear in the city of Petra infront of them. The plot follows them as they try to stop the 'Jinn' from destroying the world.

The controversy was caused over scenes that contain intimacy between female and male characters, while others were offended by 'rough language', that were shocking to the conservative audience. 

This led Jordan’s Media Commission to issue a statement saying censoring streaming services is not under their control as their main role applies to TV broadcasts and theatre presentations. The state-run Royal Film Commission also commented saying there isn't much they can do. 

The primary cast includes a group of new young faces like Salma Malhas (Mira), Hamzeh Okab (Keras), Sultan Alkhail (Yassin) and Aysha Shahaltough (Vera). 

Here is a sneak peak of the supernatural thriller: 

Netflix Mena continues to stand by the side of its show as they continue to promote it on social media after its red carpet premiere. 

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Jinn is available in 190 countries in seven languages including French, Hindi and Portuguese. It can also be subtitled in a further 20 languages.