New Menu at Social House

New dishes from around the world make their debut at this popular eatery
ByJasmine BandaliThursday , 28 August 2014
New Menu at Social House
Go Spanish with the paella Valenciana

Since its opening, Social House has remained a favourite among patrons seeking variety in dishes from all around the world, making it a hot spot true to its namesake. This, combined with its outdoor seating area, which offers magnificent views of the Dubai Fountain, has the eatery perpetually packed.

The primary focus remains on being ‘social’ and plates are big enough for two or three to share. The new menu features flavours from the East predominantly, although there are a few European dishes that pepper the menu, like the ‘Spanish Breakfast’, pizza, paella and fettuccine. Japanese fusion appears to have been the main focus when conceiving the new dishes, wrapped in nori (seaweed) sushi rolls, like the popcorn shrimp (the dynamite type you get at PF Chang’s). It’s familiar and flavourful, although I have to admit that I missed the crunch of the tempura batter; these are a naked (and obviously less calorific) variety. If you’re seeking a super-healthy dish, try the quinoa roll – again, it’s a sushi roll wrapped in nori but the superfood takes place of the rice, which is combined with cooked salmon, avocado and spinach. For mains, go Indian and try the fish tikka; tender chunks of white fish in a curry masala, accompanied by some crispy, buttery paratha that’s freshly made in-house. It’s a little lacking in salt to bring out the true essence of its complex flavour, so we recommend requesting the salt shaker to enjoy this dish to its maximum potential. 

INFO: 9am-10.30pm, Mon-Wed and Sun, 9am-12midnight, Thu-Sat, lower ground level, The Dubai Mall, 04 339 8640,

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