New law announced for car tinting

New law announced for car tinting

10 Jul 2017

Residents can now apply a darker tint to their vehicles

It's a well-known fact that cars in the UAE are only allowed to use a 30 percent tint. Now, with temperatures soaring, Dubai Police has announced that the tint limit has been increased to 50 percent.

This is a welcome change for car owners, as a darker tint protects further against the sun and allows a car's air conditioning to function more efficiently.

All vehicles are eligible except trucks and taxis, and car owners are allowed to tint all windows except the front wind screen.

The new 50 percent tint rule also means that drivers no longer have to worry about the Dhs1,500 fine that was formerly imposed for using more than 30 percent tint.

Will you be getting a darker tint this summr? We're definitely considering it!