The new Hollywood flab fixers

Fight the fat with these weird and wacky gut-busting workouts
Wednesday , 02 July 2008
The new Hollywood flab fixers

Power yoga
With a long list of celeb fans including Jen Aniston, Meg Mathews, Amber Valetta and Courteney Cox, Budokon has been sweeping the US by storm. A physically punishing yet spiritually uplifting hybrid of yoga, the session starts with an intense stretching warm-up, followed by a series of yoga stances which develop into spinning moves and positions which work previously ignored muscles.

Pros:A novel alternative to yoga, Budokon promotes agility and grace, with a one hour session burning a huge 900 calories!

Cons:Be prepared to unleash your inhibitions. A key part of Budokon comes from adopting animal postures - walking on your hands and feet imitating lions, frogs and gorillas!

Go gliding
It's already a big hit in the US, and now Gliding is set to take the world by storm. Rather like aerobics on skis, you perform your regular workout whilst retaining your balance on small sliding plastic pads which are placed under your hands or feet. This works multiple muscles while drawing on your core strength to strengthen, stretch and sculpt your legs, bum and tum.

Pros:You can incorporate the discs into virtually any gym class including yoga, pilates, aerobics and step, or even use them in the comfort of your own home as they glide smoothly over all types of flooring, including carpet.

Cons:Beware - good balance is essential. Although Gliding is an ideal alternative to a regular workout, good coordination is a must, to avoid ending up on the floor!

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Flying high
Bored of the doing the same workout at the gym day after day? Gravity Defying Fitness, the new aerial fitness fad developed by former gymnast Lorelei MacDonald, will help you melt away your muffin top whilst hanging from hooks mid-air! Similar to the trapeze craze which saw Carrie soaring through the sky in Sex And The City, (and lauded by the likes of Sadie Frost and Gisele), GDF is based on circus tricks, which help build upper body strength, carve ab muscles and tone up your bingo wings. Exercises on chin-up bars, suspended rings and ropes build reflexes, muscle control, flexibility, balance and core strength.

Pros:Improves coordination and agility, whilst helping to train your mind as well as your body and strive to reach new goals. A one hour session burns up to 600 calories and you're guaranteed to have developed super-sculpted abs in just eight weeks.

Requires a great deal of determination. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Dance it off
Probably the most graceful of all martial arts, Brazilian Capoeira has been a big hit in the US and celebs including Gisele and newly sculpted Mel B are fans. Involving a combination of striking kicks and swift body movements, including cartwheels, headstands, head-spins, jumps and flips, all of which build strength, stamina and flexibility, Capoeira provides a fantastic all-over body workout.

Pros:Definitely not your average workout, a one hour session of Capoeira can burn around 500 calories.

Cons:Involves a lot of flips and jumps, so injuries are common.

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