New Galaxy Smooth Dark Chocolate

Mars announces latest confectionary in the Middle East
Saturday , 10 September 2011
New Galaxy Smooth Dark Chocolate
Galaxy Smooth Dark chocolate

Mars have announced their latest tasty treat to the
market, Galaxy Smooth Dark. The chocolate snack is said to have redefined
the confectionary market in the GCC and Saudi Arabia by producing a smoother
tasting dark cocoa.

Mars GCC also claim that Galaxy Smooth Dark is a “rich
source of cocoa flavanols”. According to the sweet factory, “flavanols are
naturally found in cocoa, and years of extensive research has proven that
flavanols have a positive impact on the functioning of blood vessels,
increasing blood flow to the brain and reducing clots. Flavanols are known to help
reduce blood pressure and protect the heart.” Like we needed any more reasons
to eat chocolate.