New Celebrity Couple Alert

Orlando and Katy go public, while JLo's curves attract Keith Urban
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 11 February 2016
New Celebrity Couple Alert
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The couple is spotted here leaving Robert Downey Jrs party
It’s pretty obvious to us that Katy Perry has a type. If you don’t believe us just take a look at her latest rumoured boyfriend and compare him to her previous man!
Orlando’s So Flirty
For weeks now rumours of a bond stronger than friendship have been circulating about Katy, 31, and Orlando Bloom, 39, but the pair seem to be finally coming out with their relationship. The Teenage Dreams singer has apparently been extremely flirty with the Lord of the Rings star at various hotspots around Hollywood, and now they’re going public with their feelings. One source told Fox News: “Orlando and Katy had that new-relationship glow about them. They were cuddling and flirting with each other all night.” Another source told Us Weekly: “She’s having fun with Orlando. I don’t think she’s seeing this as long-term yet. It’s a fun hookup thing right now.” 
Driving Miss Katy
Further confirmation of their blossoming relationship was shown when they were spotted cruising around Malibu together earlier this week. While Katy sat in the back seat of the car sipping on coffee, Orlando chauffeured her around and the pair looked to be in good spirits. It was just last month that Katy was seen with her ex John Mayer, but that ship looks to be well and truly sunk now that his English doppelganger is on the scene.
Nicole’s Going Clean
Elsewhere in Tinseltown the gossip mill has been working overtime on Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. The American Idol judges have been accused of having an affair amid accusations that Keith, 48, prefers JLo’s curves to his wife’s Nicole Kidman’s slender frame. reported that Nicole, 48, has been on a huge health kick since the start of the year and doesn’t want to consume anything at all that’s not organic – and that includes her silicone implants. A friend revealed: “She doesn’t want anything that could be toxic inside her body. She was so proud of them at the time, and loved to show off her figure in dresses. But Nic decided to reverse the procedure late last year.” 
JLo’s Curves Coerce Keith
However, this may have backfired for the Oscar-winning Aussie actress because Keith is said to prefer Jennifer’s curves now and he’s been flirting with his co-star much more of late. “Keith’s suddenly taking an interest in JLo, 46, again. And she’s lapping up the attention. It could spell disaster for Nic and Keith’s marriage!” Urban and Lopez might seem like an unlikely pairing, but then we said the same thing about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton… 

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