Ole Hendrickson skin care products

3 new beauty launches to get psyched for this month

04 Mar 2020

KBeauty, pineapple and vitamin c - let's go!

The world of beauty is constantly evolving and expanding and there are some absolutely LUSH products dropping in the UAE in the coming weeks. 

It's been a busy year already for some brands, with opening flagship stores, launching new products (Huda Beauty is basically dropping a new product a week!), and showcasing the incredible products. 

And we've explored some of the most exciting brands that are hitting the shelves very soon in the UAE so you can bookmark the dates. 

1. InnisFree 

This K-beauty brand has an extensive routine with myriad products, specialising in hydration and replenishing elements with amino acids and antioxidants. 

The products are sourced from the mineral-rich Jeju island off the coast of South Korea, and the beauty routine is gentle yet effective. One of Korea's favourite KBeauty brands, InnisFree has just opened its first store in The Dubai Mall. 

There are a huge amount of products (as per the KBeauty style), but they really do work. You'll end up with hydrated, healthy skin in mere days. 

2. Ole Hendrickson 

Danish skin cosmetitian, Ole Hendrickson found a love of skincare, after a therapist in Indonesia helped cure his cystic acne. The Danish brand has rolled out in Sephora stores, with three different ranges available. 

If you need some brightening, the vitamin C range includes serum, eye-cream and face cream, and will give you a sparkle in the mornings. 

3. Huda Beauty's Wishful 

Huda Kattan's first official venture into skincare, Wishful Skin has already become hugely popular - the enzyme scrub sold out on its release date. Huda's sung the praises of the pineapple enzyme cleanse - which is vegan, and not tested on animals. It's light, it's effective yet gentle and will make your skin feel fresh. 

Wishful is likely to roll out plenty more products too.