Never Gonna Give Rick Astley Up!

Ahlan! caught up with Eighties' heart-throb Rick Astley ahead of his trip to Dubai for 80s Rewind
Tuesday , 12 February 2013
Never Gonna Give Rick Astley Up!
Rick Astley

You retired from music and now you’re back. Why?
I was offered loads of money to go to Japan about seven years ago and do these gigs, and my daughter and my wife really wanted to go, and cornered me into it. I really enjoyed it. It felt a bit like I was a middle-aged dude singing that young dude’s song, but something just turned for me. I also play the drums in a band with a couple of friends and all we do are rock and punk covers like teenagers! It’s a midlife crisis!

Do you have any crazy fans?
There are a bunch of hardcore fans, but I think the days where it’s like Justin Bieber are long gone for me. The people who are my fans are the type you could have a conversation with.

We’ve heard about Rickrolling, a craze which tricks people into watching your video instead of the website they expected! Please explain!
It was doing the rounds a few years ago and I’m not knocking it as it introduced Never Gonna Give You Up to a lot of people, and it’s made me some money! I went to New York’s Macy’s Day Parade and Rickrolled live! I was on one of the floats and I Rickrolled the song that was being sung. But the idea wasn’t anything to do with me.

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