All-time bestselling metal band

Proving that extreme metal is alive and well in the region, last year this musical trio toured the Middle East and bagged numerous awards.

Tell us about your latest trophies.
Barney (R): Virgin Megastores (MENA) awarded us the title of All-time Bestselling Metal Band. We also received the award for Musicians of the Year at the Esquire Man at his Best Awards. So it’s been a busy year.
Rami (C): To be honest, the last two years have been a roller coaster. Last year we did our first Middle East tour, with gigs in Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Lebanon and Egypt, to support our second album, Psychogenocide, which we released in 2011. We also performed for the first time in Singapore, Thailand and Nepal as part of our Asian Tour.

How did you get to this position?
Barney: It all started out as a bit of fun and a desire to share our passion for metal music. Our goal when we formed Nervecell back in 2001 was to perform live and write original music.
James (L): Back then metal was underground and still in its infancy out here. Yet we were soon drawing up to 300 people to our local gigs. Our biggest break came in 2011 when we opened for Metallica at Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi.

How did you meet?
Rami: When I first saw James at American University in Dubai in 2001 I immediately knew he was a metalhead (think long goatee and wearing a band shirt). We soon met Barney. When you come across another fellow metalhead, you immediately connect.