Nelita Villezon

Nelita Villezon

21 Nov 2019

Martial arts trainer @nelita_v talks about her secrets to success and her thoughts on sustainability

•My highlights of this past year was starting a new business, Dance Body DXB, with two friends of mine, being promoted to regional fitness manager of Orangetheory Fitness, being published in a few publications, and seeing my family. That’s always a highlight as they are far away.

•The UAE is special to me because it is a place that I feel so welcome in. The UAE is rich in it traditions and yet it’s ever-growing and I have seen so much of it. It is a place of innovation that offers many opportunities to people like myself. There is a love and respect that is given to everyone that comes here and I am so happy to be able to call it home.

•The word ‘selfish’ has been made to seem as if it is a bad thing. I was at a point in life where I was completely depleted mentally and emotionally from trying to help and give to others. My friend told me that I needed to be more selfish. I was so busy trying to help everyone when I was not fulfilled. He said if I took time to give more to myself, then I would be completely full and I could freely give without feeling so depleted. This changed my life.

•I would like to see more education on sustainability and more sustainable housing. I think education on the subject of sustainability and how to improve it is really important. Most people aren’t really sure what it is, how to help, and how to actually make a difference.