Neil Armstrong Dead at 82

Celebs tweeted their respects after the first man to walk on the moon passed away following surgery complications
Sunday , 26 August 2012
Neil Armstrong Dead at 82
Neil Armstrong was honoured by President Barack Obama

Retired astronaut Neil Armstrong, who made history as the first man to walk on the moon, died at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio after suffering complications following surgery earlier this month for blocked coronary arteries.

Neil made history on 20 July, 1969 when he stepped from the Apollo 11's Lunar Module onto the face of the Moon, famously saying, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". He was followed by fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and together the pair spent three hours exploring the Moon's surface, opening up a new dawn in space travel and pioneering the way for further Moon landings.

Dozens of celebrities tweeted their respects to the astronaut including Ryan Seacrest, who wrote, “Thanks Neil Armstrong for bringing the moon into our living rooms and curiosity into our minds. One giant loss for mankind.”

Alyssa Milano tweeted, “Rest in peace, Neil Armstrong. You are such an inspiration” and Simon Pegg wrote, “Just heard Neil Armstrong took the giant leap. RIP a true modern hero and conqueror of the moon. Will be ever remembered.” Josh Duhamel also paid his respects, tweeting, “One of our greatest heros died today. RIP Neil Armstrong” and US President Barack Obama added, “Today, Neil’s spirit of discovery lives on.”

Neil was honoured by several US presidents in his lifetime, and was awarded  the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, and  the Congressional Gold Medal by President Obama last year.