Harry and Natalie-Shoot

Natalie Price & Andrew Harrison

19 Mar 2015

Live @ Drive with Harry and Pricey keeps commuters amused and informed

We’ve been on the new show together since April 2014 and we still like each other.  NP: That’s an achievement in itself. AH: I accept chocolate in exchange for writing nice things about Pricey.
ABC is the rule for radio nerds. Always Be ‘Contenting’. We try to incorporate whatever we do into the show or on our social media platforms. Most people think that we only work four hours a day, but it’s actually a relentless job.
Ryan Seacrest’s built a multi-million dollar empire. 
NP: He shows us that if you work hard and keep abreast of what’s happening, anything is possible. He does all the interviews I’d love to do! 

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I’ll be reading about how to fix something, then hours later I find myself learning about the OJ Simpson case. 
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You should learn something new every day.
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A daily dose of George Costanza from Seinfeld – it’s hard to scroll past it. 

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