Natalie Portman's "Strange" Fashion Situations

The gorgeous actress reveals the other side of style. Plus, Natalie Portman's must-have beauty products!
Natalie Portman's "Strange" Fashion Situations
Natalie Portman's style is always spot on despite the strangeness!

Natalie Portman says fashion has put her in some “strange situations”. The gorgeous actress is known for her great style, both on and off the red carpet. However, Natalie has revealed the world of high fashion isn't always as glamorous as everyone might think.

“Fashion has put me in some strange situations,” she told the UK edition of Elle magazine. “I was being fitted for a Christian Dior couture dress last year at my husband Benjamin [Millepied]’s house. His whole family were sitting there, just having a cup of tea, while all these amazing artisans worked around me to create this absolutely incredible dress. That was pretty surreal.”

The Oscar-winning star is also a frontrunner in the beauty stakes. The 31-year-old revealed her favourite products for making sure she always looks great. “My beauty staple is Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation by Dior – it makes me look like a better version of myself,” she explained. “I also like Lucas’ Papaw Ointment lip balm, which my friend who lives in Australia sends over for me.”

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