Natalie Carney

Helping others around the region and beyond
Tuesday , 09 February 2010
Natalie Carney

“I’ve received so much advice over the years, but the two nuggets that have stuck are, ‘cross that bridge when you come to it’ - I have become so much calmer about my future thanks to those wise words - and the advice to myself would be that life is all about balance.”

And when it comes to introducing some equilibrium into your life, Natalie Carney is the master. Natalie is a journalist by day, moving to the UAE in 2001 to help launch the Arabian Radio Network. After a year’s stint in the UK for GWR, she then moved to Cairo to help set up their first English language radio station and 2006 saw her return to the UAE to help the Fujariah Media Company build what is now known as Coast FM. But her true passion lies in raising funds, collecting donations and increasing awareness for orphans in Afghanistan, and she can regularly be seen gracing the airport’s departure halls to bring her innate flavour of Canadian benevolence to Kabul’s forgotten children. “Having spent a month with beautiful Afghan orphaned children and knowing of their horrible situation, I’ve learned to be more appreciative of what I have.”

Combining the two very different facets of her life is next for Natalie, “I love creating videos and audio production and piecing stories together, making documentaries in under developed countries, chasing the story with my camera, battery packs hanging off my belt, hair in a baseball cap, showering from a bucket and eating beetles as I fall asleep in a tent listening to military helicopters fly only feet from my head would be my ideal – if only Al Jazeera, BBC or CNN would have me!” she says, eyelashes batting furiously!