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Naomi Campbell thinks social media is challenging

30 Jun 2019

Oh well

Naomi Campbell found getting to grips with social media challenging.

The British supermodel is one of the most powerful women in fashion, but the star, who joined Twitter in 2012, and Instagram the following year, confessed to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper she was "afraid" to make her digital debut because she "didn't know how to do it".

"There's so much going on online. When I had to learn how to do Twitter I was afraid," the 49-year-old shared. "I really don't know how to do Facebook, let alone Twitter."

Despite her reservations, the British Vogue contributing editor boasts a healthy 650,000 followers on Twitter and 7.3 million Instagram followers, but admitted she has her fair share of help to maintain her online presence.

"I have to have help with it - it's a 24-hour job," she added.