Naomi Campbell Reveals Her Diet and Detox Rules

She still has a body to die for so how does she do it?
ByLindsay JudgeWednesday , 29 January 2014
Naomi Campbell Reveals Her Diet and Detox Rules
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Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell still looks gorgeous even at the age of 43, so what’s her secret? In a recent interview she revealed what 24 hours in her life is like, and we checked out her top 10 rules to looking fabulous!  

  1. She’s a vegetarian – No meat for Naomi she gets her protein from root vegetables, eggs and nuts!
  2. She does yoga and pilates – although it’s not a high energy workout yoga is great for toniing muscles and improving flexibility
  3. She drinks juice – After exercising and with meals Naomi will drink a pure fruit juice, usually made up from green fruit and vegetables but you can option for any fruit juice you fancy!
  4. She drinks tea – Naomi drinks a calming chamomile or mint tea after meals or before bed.
  5. She drinks water – Keeping bad toxins out of your body is easy if you drink plenty of water.
  6. She has a big lunch – Eating larger meals earlier in the day can make you feel less bloated at night.
  7. She skips dinner – We don’t recommend this but making sure you eat at least four hours before you go to bed can help speed up your metabolism.
  8. She does Zumba – in the evening Naomi will take part in a high energy Zumba class – this is great fun and good for you!
  9. She skips dessert – eating dessert in a restaurant is always dangerous as you don’t know how many calories you’re consuming. If you have a sweet tooth opt for sorbet or ice-cream to help your cravings!
  10. She avoids too much sugar – This is good for your sleep and helps weight loss. It’s always good to let yourself indulge occasionally though! 

If you've been detoxing for January try sticking to just a few of Naomi's rules throughout Feb and see if the just-cleansed feeling lasts! 

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