naomi campbell demands equal pay

Naomi Campbell demands equal pay

27 Jun 2019

You go girl!

Naomi Campbell refuses to sell herself short when it comes to equal pay.

The supermodel made history when she became the first British black model to appear on the cover of British Vogue in December 1987, and is now one of the fashion world's most recognisable faces. But in an interview with Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, the 49-year-old insisted there's still work to be done when it comes to diverse models receiving equal treatment.

“I am very proud and happy but what’s next to come is that these models of diversity get the same pay cheque. It has to happen," said Naomi who along with Iman, and model agent Bethann Hardison helped to launch the Diversity Coalition to increase black and ethnic minority faces on the catwalk six years ago.“If you are doing the same work why aren’t you getting the same cheque?"

The star confessed she often had to take a pay cut during her early years to secure herself the job - and her refusal to be sidelined got her into trouble with her management.

"I went through that when I was younger and I compromised myself many times. But it shouldn’t be that way any more," the beauty continued. “I used to do a campaign because it was prestigious, or a great ¬photographer, or because of the creativity. But there comes a point where it was no. That’s when I would speak up.

“I said, 'I’m not selling myself that way, and you’re not going to sell myself that way either'," she added.

Despite her success, The Face U.K. star is still discriminated against because of the colour of her skin, and revealed an Asian country recently refused to take a campaign she starred in because of her race.

“It shocks me but it keeps my drive going. It keeps things in perspective that the work is never done. That’s why I don’t give up," she reflected. "Diversity has to be balanced across the board for all races. It’s not about the money.”