Naked Pictures of Angelina Jolie Go on Sale

The actress posed for the pics when she was 20
Wednesday , 02 September 2015
Naked Pictures of Angelina Jolie Go on Sale
Showstopper: Ange is on sale in London

Uh-oh! Some nude images of Angelina Jolie have gone on display and there's nothing the actress can do about them.

A rare set of black and white photographs featuring a naked Ange have gone on sale at a gallery in London.

The Unbreakable director posed for the stunning snapshots many many years ago when she was barely 20-years-old in 1995. The candid snaps were taken by Kate Garner and now the photographer is cashing in on the lucrative images.

The arty images are on sale at London's Zebra One Gallery for $2,880 (Dhs10,578).

In one of the shots, Jolie, who just turned 40 this year, sits with feet bound and her knees clasped to her chest, while another highlights the star's great beauty as she poses for a close-up and stares into Garner's lens.

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