Nadine Kassem Khoury's Bold and Beautiful Home

11 Mar 2013

Nadine Kassem Khoury loves to make a statement with eclectic pieces, striking colours and unique finds from her exotic travels

When you are the managing partner of a stunning, eclectic boutique such as O’de Rose, you are guranteed to have plenty of inspiration when it comes to decorating your own abode. This rings true for Dubai’s Nadine Kassem Khoury, who has used her love of colour to brighten up her spacious villa in Umm Suqiem, which she moved into in 2006 after a friend recommended the house.

Nadine says she was taken with the home’s high ceilings and natural light, and reveals her favourite space is the living room.  “I’m a person that loves a lot of colour and light and this is definitely reflected in how I’ve decorated my home. I have a mix of bright, bold pieces, from the furniture to the accessories, most of which is from the boutique. The pieces are all so unique and have their own individual story, and I feel that it adds a positive, happy vibe to the house.”
When it comes to choosing her favourite piece, she pinpoints the Bokja elephant that takes pride of place in her lounge room. “Bokja are so unique because you will never find the same piece repeated twice. I also just love these side-tables from Silsal – they both just add such a pop of colour and character!”

Nadine says her personal style is in line with the personality of the store’s designers, whom she describes as individualistic, unique and bold. There are plenty of pops of colour in her home and it’s evident she has a penchant for cushions, the brighter the better, especially pieces from Rana Salam and Tamer Khalifa, which are also stocked at the boutique.

“There are so many amazing patterns and colours, you can easily freshen up the couch every so often simply by rearranging the  positioning of the cushions.” She declares she finds plenty of interior inspiration  from the arts, particularly those that embody the Middle Eastern culture.
“I have a lot of art from regional artists, such as wall art by Abdul Rahman Katanani, and other items, like cushions and a painting which features Middle East icons such as Oum Kolthoum, that are scattered around my home. I love decorating my house with unique pieces that have a story to tell and preserve Middle Eastern heritage.”

She is constantly on the search for new pieces and has collected items from all the corners of the globe which not only fill her home but also find a place in her store, which she describes as a one-stop treasure trove.

“The concept of o’de rose provides a unique shopping experience in Dubai – an oasis that offers handmade and one-of-a-kind products focusing on Arabic heritage with a modern twist, from fashion to interiors to all things lifestyle.

“It’s the kind of place you can get lost in for hours, admiring the intricate detail and superb craftsmanship of our products.” Nadine adds that each piece in the store is hand-picked and hand-made. “They all hold so much character and tell a unique story.”

She says with the store’s pieces, nothing is contrived: “We don’t sit and say ‘okay, today we are going to make an order.’ We mainly source our products from our travels and from local and regional designers who fit in with the store’s philosophy.

“I need to fall in love with the product before we put it in the store. Every piece in o’de rose has its own story, which I am very sensitive to.”

Nadine admits the problem with owning the boutique is that she has an attachment to all the pieces and is constantly tempted to find them a permanent place in her home. And while she loves her house and has no plans to move, if she was given an unlimited budget in life she would buy a house on a deserted beach and decorate from o’de rose!

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