Nadine Du Toit

AKA @GloryGirlFit- the hottie who's inspiring women in the UAE to get active every single day
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Nadine Du Toit
Nadine Du Toit
  • Last year was a year of education and equipping. I made the decision to consciously slow down and spend much-needed time on self-development. I spent most of the year studying and completed courses in Cinematography, International Speaking, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and I’m currently completing a photography course.
  • Highlights of the past year were being a speaker at the Mother of the Nation festival in Abu Dhabi and at the inspirational FadeFit event.
  • This will be my 14th year residing in Dubai and every year it just gets better! I absolutely love our beautiful Dubai, the mystique of the desert, the sun setting over the Arabian Gulf and the atmosphere and belief that everything and anything is possible in the UAE.
  • People who have overcome tremendous adversity – like injuries, disabilities and traumatic life circumstances – and still persevere and thrive regardless of their circumstances, inspire me.
  • This year I’m looking forward to launching my YouTube channel GloryGirl Active, creating relatable, compassionate and playful how-to videos, inspiring more women to enjoy living active lives.