Nadine du Toit

The South African coach winning awards and motivating others
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
Nadine du Toit
Nadine du Toit
  • The past 12 months have been really big for me. I was honoured to be in the Hot 100 2016 and to be awarded Ahlan!’s Female Personality of the Year and Stylist magazine’s Social Media Fitness Star, as well as a nomination for Cosmopolitan’s Fitness blogger of the Year. 

  • I’m a certified life and fitness coach and I help women achieve their goals whether they be personal, career or fitness orientated. My professional life is at its most rewarding when I see clients not only achieve their goals, but also learn to live a life of gratitude, I like to observe how they blossom and have fun while enjoying everyday moments.

  • “What was meant for you, shall not pass you” is the best advice I’ve received. 

  • I honestly don’t know what the secret to success is, I can only acknowledge the amazing people who believe in me and make these incredible opportunities available – which I hope in turn will inspire others to live even more amazing lives. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude!

  • I’m not materialistic at all, but if there is something that I’d be very sad to lose it would have to be my poetry journal – a book filled with my writing of the past year. 

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