Nadia Zaal

The developer and hotelier expanding into early-learning education
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
Nadia Zaal
Nadia Zaal
  • In 2016, we entertained many heads of state and celebrities at my resort, Zaya Nurai Island and we expanded the brand to open Zaya Early Learning, a Waldorf Education-inspired nursery, in Dubai. 

  • I think my secret weapon is the support of my husband, Kabir – he’s my rock. I’ve also been spending more time tuning-in to my female energy. I’ve found this makes success flow a lot better than pushing things, which is much more of a male approach. 

  • Above all, I’m a mother but also I run Zaya, so I’m a developer, a hotelier and more recently, an educator. We’re currently working on a new development, Zaya Hameni in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai. 

  • Remember that everyone is human and making mistakes is part of the path to success, so don’t be afraid to try. Mentoring my staff is so rewarding; I’ve enjoyed watching as my management team has become more empowered. 


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