Nabs Al Busaidi

The Sultan Of Snow
Nabs Al Busaidi
Nabeel Al Busaidi

No task is too big for Omani adventurer, Nabs Al Busaidi. He became the first Arab to walk to the magnetic North Pole, he conquered the 4,892m Mount Vinson, in arduous, Arctic conditions and then rowed 4,600 km across the Atlantic Ocean; something less than 500 people have ever accomplished.

These feats of human endurance are perhaps nothing compared to his biggest challenge - how to raise Dhs3.67 million for charity. Inspired by boarding school friend Major Phil Packer, who raised Dhs5.77 million after he lost the use of his legs, Al Busaidi became determined to achieve a similar goal. He decided to visit 100 schools around the GCC in an attempt to reach his target. So far, students have been inspired by him to do a sponsored swim for 24 hours, climb Kilimanjaro, and another group is organising the world’s largest game of hide and seek. He estimates that he has helped raise around Dhs740,000 for charity thus far.

In 2012, Al Busaidi is planning further adventures. Although there are dreams of perhaps getting to the South Pole, and another attempt at Everest, Nabs wants to continue his charity initiative, release a documentary about rowing the Atlantic, and get fit again, following a break from training due to injury. Surprisingly, he is also looking forward to “settling down and getting a nine to five job.”