Mystery spillage that turned Dubai Marina bright orange

Find out why parts of the Marina turned orange over the weekend
ByIsobel Forester-BennettTuesday , 27 June 2017
Mystery spillage that turned Dubai Marina bright orange
© @Shazzarinksi / Twitter

Confused Dubai locals took to social media on Thursday evening after the south end of the Marina turned orange. The strange orange waters of the Marina occurred near the Jewels Towers and was first spotted at around 6pm on Thursday evening. At first, Dubai locals became worried that the colour change could be caused from an oil spillage making it extremely harmful.

However, on Friday morning, the Municipality posted on social media that they had taken samples from the water. The post went on to explain that the colour change was caused from Bentonite, a type of clay used in construction, which is not harmful. It had leaked in to the water through drainage systems following excavation works related to a construction project at Qarn Al Sabkha.

What was the orange spillage in Dubai Marina all about?

Read the Municipality’s full social media post below:

Thankfully, the spillage was only a temporary one. The orange colour lasted until Friday evening and the Marina is currently back to its normal, and very beautiful, state. Phew!

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