Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass Meets Dancer Linked to Marriage Split

12 Oct 2012

Myleene Klass had a woman linked to her marriage break-up evicted from the catwalk of a fashion show she was hosting in Liverpool

Myleene Klass had a woman linked to her estranged husband thrown out of a fashion show.

The 34-year-old TV presenter - whose marriage to bodyguard Graham Quinn ended six months ago when he walked out on her after 11 years together - spotted dancer Sarah Robinson on the stage at a Littlewoods clothes show in Liverpool, which she was hosting, and had her replaced.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Myleene had no idea Sarah had been booked. She was utterly stunned at her nerve for accepting the gig in the first place."

''Sarah tried waving to Myleene and that was the final straw. Seeing the woman linked to her marriage break-up was all too much, so she politely asked that a replacement dancer be found.''

Sarah broke down in ''floods of tears'' after being taken off the catwalk and hid herself backstage.

The source added: ''Sarah was in floods of tears afterwards. Myleene spotted her crouched beneath a backstage ironing board, crying and saying, 'I knew this would happen'. It was all rather awkward.''

Shortly after Myleene and Graham - who have children, Ava, five, and 19-month-old Hero together - separated in April, a magazine claimed Sarah had enjoyed a friendship with Graham, but both strenuously denied it had anything to do with the couple's split.

He released a statement through his lawyers, saying: ''Graham does know Sarah but he is friends with many people. This has absolutely nothing to do with Graham and Myleene's marriage break-up.''

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