My SixPak Review: A Meal Plan With A Difference

My SixPak Review: A Meal Plan With A Difference

24 Dec 2018

Staying healthy when you're always on the go can be challenging

Living and working in the UAE has its perks, but one thing that most of us have in common is that we lead manic lives. Trying to balance work, a social life and a healthy lifestyle often seems impossible, no matter how hard you try. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day, right? We feel you.

The worst thing is when you’ve managed to nail everything you set out to do, but you get home at 10pm and still have to cook or meal prep for the next day. It’s at that point that we usually fall apart, order a takeout and pass out. Fortunately, however, there are a variety of healthy meal plan options available in the UAE that can help to make our lives easier. One such meal plan is MySixPak, which we recently sampled for two weeks.

My SixPak Review: A Meal Plan With A Difference

MySixPak takes a more scientific approach to physique management than many of its competitors. All the meal plans are carefully designed by a team of experts to rapidly speed up metabolism in order to reduce body fat.

The wide range of gourmet meal plans promises to provide the right combination of macro-balanced nutrients to generate lean, healthy muscle mass. It also boosts energy levels and allows you to eat more.

So how does it work? First of all, you need to decide on a meal plan based on your health and fitness goals. The MySixPak nutritionists then create and tailor delicious meal plans that change daily.

My SixPak Review: A Meal Plan With A Difference

The chefs then carefully prepare the meals and snacks each morning, which are delivered fresh from the kitchen to your preferred location at a time of your choosing, from 5am-9am.

Each day, your bag will arrive containing your three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will also receive two snacks and one fresh juice or fruit pot. In addition, MySixPak sends you protein-packed baked goodies from the company’s famous protein bakery.

Best of all is the variety of cuisine. The chefs produce innovative new menus every day. This stops the meal plans from becoming repetitive, predictable and boring, which is a drawback of traditional meal plans. Also, MySixPak does not force you to choose from the same ingredients and meals each week. Instead, you get to experience fresh new flavours on a daily basis.

Honestly, every day is a total treat. We were excited when our delivery arrived, because every day is a surprise. And once we narrowed down our preferred ingredients, we were NEVER disappointed. In fact, our colleagues suffered from food envy on a daily basis (soz, guys!).

My SixPak Review: A Meal Plan With A Difference

The meal plan does not feel like a diet plan, so you never feel deprived. Yes, the calories and ingredients are perfectly planned behind the scenes, but who cares when every meal looks and tastes like it’s come straight from a fine-dining restaurant?

Here at Ahlan! we opted for a ‘lean up’ plan, which helps you drop body fat and get ripped. In spite of this, we were never hungry, and at times were unable to finish all the meals and snacks for the day. We were even treated to incredibly tasty treats like protein muffins and, our favourite, protein cheesecake. And yes, it tastes just as good – if not better – than regular cheesecake.

Most importantly, MySixPak is the UAE’s only 100 percent sustainable meal plan. In a bid to do its bit for the environment and preserve the well-being of the UAE’s ecosystem, the company has removed plastic packaging from all the meal plans. The meals are all packaged and delivered in sustainable, biodegradable containers.

VERDICT: MySixPak is by far the tastiest and most filling meal plan we’ve tried. Daily deliveries mean freshness is guaranteed and, most importantly, it helped us tone up faster than ever before. It’s certainly on the pricey side, but it’s worth every penny (okay, fil) spent.

INFO: Packages start from Dhs3,465 per month for 20 days, 056 414 8944,,