My Nine to Dine

Ahlan's Dep Ed JJ Anisiobi reveals his must-have foods
ByJJ AnisiobiTuesday , 08 September 2015
My Nine to Dine
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Can’t live without…
Truffle oil and truffle salt
I use them to flavour everything, from pasta to popcorn!

Cupboard essential
Chilli flakes

I need some spice in my life!

Guilty pleasure

They do a great one at The Media Lounge in Media City

Wish I could eat these every day…

Weird food habit
John West Tuna in Spring Water combined with sweetcorn… for breakfast!

My favourite drink
Rubicon lychee juice, both exotic and great as a mixer

My go-to home cooked dish
Oven-baked smoked salmon with a garam masala rub

If you try one thing, I recommend…
The lemon polenta cake from 1762. Its super soft, with just the right amount of zing

Top ingredient
Broccoli. Dark green veg is great for training and super simple to cook



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