My Newest Workout Obsession

Cadillac Pilates is so much fun
ByTala SammanMonday , 28 March 2016
My Newest Workout Obsession
Ever since I was 18, I’ve worked out several times a week. Even if I’m ill, travelling or am just having an incredibly busy week, I’ll still manage to get a workout in. That being said, I’ve gone through many different workout phases, and I encourage you all to take that journey. Give different workouts a chance, challenge yourself, and find out what works best for your body. 
Back before Pilates was huge, I used to squeeze in a few mat classes a week but ended up getting bored after two years of the same thing. There are so many types of class to choose from now and you can mix it up a lot more without getting bored, but my current fave is Cadillac Pilates!  
I discovered the machine last year and immediately fell in love. The only con is that you have to workout in one-on-one sessions, so it can be more expensive. But it’s so worth it! I trained with Walid at The Hundred Wellness for around two months. Think of the Cadillac machine as an update on the Reformer – you get your core workout in, deep stretches and, best of all, the fun inversions. I made the mistake of moving to only strength-training workouts, and in the process felt like I sacrificed my flexibility. If you’re doing a ton of strength-based workouts, make sure you’re also finding a way to add in some cardio and stretches, whether it’s Pilates, yoga or anything else you enjoy.
INFO: Cadillac Pilates is available at The Hundred Wellness, Dubai, 04 344 7333 and Body Tree Studio, Abu Dhabi, 02 443 4448
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