My January Detox Tips

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ByLisa Scott-LeeThursday , 22 January 2015
My January Detox Tips

Johnny and I started our New Year detox last week and we’re finding it hard! It helps to have a gym buddy or be in a class environment so we renewed our family membership with Fitness First. I really enjoy starting the day with an early-morning yoga class, especially as the weather’s perfect right now (when it isn’t raining). I’ve been alternating between yoga and body attack classes four times a week, and am following a simple healthy diet of smoothies, vegetables and protein. I’ll let you know how I get on!

On Ahlan!’s Facebook page, I asked for your New Year resolutions. They included “learn a new language” (Cyndicato Valera) and “just accept people as they are” (Jennifer Sosa-Saratan), which are both good alternatives to obsessing over dress sizes. But I was still inspired to hear that one reader, Geovani Martinez, has already lost 12kg through a healthy diet, jogging and swimming. Whatever you’re doing, stick with it – everyone’s capable of a little self-improvement. 

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