My Hubby's Not Supporting My Diet!

23 Apr 2012

My hubby supported my diet at first, but now he gets annoyed when I order salad at a restaurant. Help!

Q: My New Year resolution was to lose weight. My husband was supportive at first, but now he seems to find it annoying when we go out for a meal and I order salad. How can I get him back on side? Name supplied

Dr Melanie Schlatter says: People are naturally uncomfortable with change. He could be afraid of attention towards you from others (especially males); afraid that you may change your feelings towards him; or fearful he might have to change his unhealthy ways also! Persuade him to join you in cooking and exercising, so it doesn’t appear as it you are distancing yourself. He could be slow to respond, but should hopefully enjoy the results of your new lifestyle together.

Dr Melanie Schlatter, PhD Consultant Health Psychologist. She unblocks those mental hurdles.