Music Review: Nothing But The Beat

We feel a party anthem track coming on by David Guetta
Tuesday , 20 September 2011
Music Review: Nothing But The Beat
Nothing But The Beat by David Guetta

By: David Guetta

His old skool fans may say that he’s a sell out... “Went all commercial and lost his style” but let’s be honest here, 3 years ago, not too many people knew who the now infamous DJ-cum-producer was. “Oh David Guetta? He works at the local mini-mart place down the road right?” Now even Melroy from my corner Chicken shop knows him!

He may have gone commercial, but Guetta has sold over 1 million albums and sells out every show he attends. (Over 200 per year) The album is hot. Teaming up with Flo rida, Lil Wayne, Taio Cruz and more. Grab your copy now!