Murdoch’s Right Hand Woman

Don't mess with Rupert Mudorch's wife Wendi
Monday , 25 July 2011
Murdoch’s Right Hand Woman
Wendi Deng Murdoch striking the man

OK, while we are actually hating News Corp tycoon Rupert Murdoch for the current News Of The World saga and the despicable phone hacking, we admit we have a little soft spot for his wife Wendi Murdoch.

When sitting in his hearing, during which he was forced to answer questions about his alleged knowledge of the ongoing scandals, Rupert was smacked right in the face with a pie of shaving foam. While that in itself made us giggle it was Wendi’s right hook to the attacker that made us first laugh out loud and then think, “Atta girl”. While there may be speculation that Wendi is a gold-digger – only staying with the 80-year-old for his billions – she certainly showed she cared, after diving to protect her hubby faster than his henchmen. Never mess with a woman’s man!

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