Whether you’re a culture junkie, or a club-hopper, this German city has something for everyone...
Wednesday , 16 December 2009
© Munich

One of Europe’s oldest cities, Munich is also one of Germany’s most popular holiday destinations. Located in the breathtaking Bavarian Alps, the city offers up cultural and historical attractions in a postcard-like setting. From old museums and theatres to the incredible New Town Hall in Marienplatz and Nyphemburg Palace, there’s enough sightseeing in Munich to make any history lover go weak at the knees.

In addition to the architecture, it’s hard to escape the stunning nature that surrounds Munich’s city centre. So, why not take advantage of being in one of the most picturesque destinations on the planet by taking a river raft through the Isar Valley? Nestled between lush greenery, the Isar River runs through the city and offers one of the most serene travel experiences. The traditional river log raft trip takes you down the Isar, making a lunch stop at a traditional Bavarian restaurant and beer garden.

But for party peeps looking to experience Munich’s buzzing nightlife, there are a host of cool venues ranging from live music bars to all-out electro clubs. Backstage Bar is the city’s most popular concert venue, which has an awesome beer garden for that truly Bavarian experience.

While you’re there...

Hit the zoo

Created in 1911, Munich’s Zoo Hellabrunn is the first geo-zoo in the world and is home to over 460 species. For animal lovers or those looking to experience one of the world’s most amazing nature preserves, Hellabrunn is the perfect destination.

Market day

Marketplaces are a must in any European city, and Munich is no exception. The Viktualienmarkt is one of the city’s oldest landmarks and at 22,000 square metres, it’s one of the largest markets in the nation, selling everything from fresh food to local delicacies.

Munich on wheels

The Segway Tour Munich is the most unique and enjoyable way to see the German city. The emission-free vehicles are the convenient and fun, and with a guide that takes you to over 20 landmarks around the city, you won’t need to worry about your feet getting tired!