Mum STOP Having Surgery!

31 Aug 2009

Kelly O’s fears over Sharon’s plastic surgery ‘addiction’

KELLY OSBOURNE has urged her mum SHARON to kick her addiction to plastic surgery.

The Osbourne matriarch is well known for her love of cosmetic procedures and regularly receives Botox treatments.

Now her daughter Kelly has revealed she hates her mum's habit - and admits she's had enough of watching her going under the knife.

In her autobiography, Fierce, Kelly insists her mother receives so much treatment, Sir Elton John once took her to a doctor to correct a bungled lip job.

She writes, "Mum's addicted to plastic surgery. I always hate it when she gets work done. She says: 'I'm just going in for a routine op'. There's nothing routine about getting your t*ts done!

"We'd say: 'Mum, you've had Botox again.' She'd reply: 'No I didn't.' 'Yes you did - your head is bleeding,' we'd say in unison.    Once she had her lips plumped. We were sitting round Elton John's dining room table and he said: 'Sharon, what has happened to your lips?' We all burst out laughing. He sent her to a doctor to get her fixed.

"I'm forever turning to mum and saying, 'What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.' She'll say, 'No, the Botox went wrong again.'"

But the rock offspring admits she would consider drastic beauty treatments herself: "Mum hasn't put me off surgery, but she's opened my eyes to it. I think mum looks amazing. But if she doesn't stop she is going to look like Catwoman!"