Multiple deaths in Sharjah

The number of fatal falls from Sharjah's high-rise buildings keeps growing..
ByHend FadelMonday , 26 October 2015
Multiple deaths in Sharjah
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Another three people have fallen to their deaths in Sharjah

It's been a traumatic week for Sharjah residents following the deaths of a six year old, a five year old, and a 40-year-old construction worker. All three fell to their deaths from high-rise buildings. 

In the first incident, a six year old was reportedly peeking out a window trying to look for her mother, who was walking her son to the school bus at the time, when she fell out and died. According to the police, the girl landed on the balcony of an apartment on the first floor and died on the spot.

A five year old also reported died on Sunday morning after falling from the window of a 15th floor apartment in Sharjah. Police said that the girl is believed to have climbed a chair which was next to the window before falling to her death.

In another shocking incident, a 40-year-old construction worker fell from the sixth floor from a building which was under construction in an industrial area in Sharjah. Sharjah police have launched an investigation and are interrogating several people to determine the cause of death, according to Gulf News.

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