Mr White Dubai

Mr White Dubai

24 Nov 2019

The anonymous epicurean behind Dubai’s popular White Secret Party movement

•In 2019, we organised two parties: we had a party in the W on the Palm in January and we went back for a great party at the Opera in June!

•We believe in exclusivity and as we are non-profit, we choose to limit the number of events we do. The W Party was very exciting as we saw the building and the facilities being built as we prepared our Annual Secret White Party, in total secrecy.

•It was also the first time we flew in international artists to our parties: Modjo, Stardust, DJ Falcon (Daft Punk Producer) or Jeff Cortes, resident DJ from Queen Paris and Gotha Cannes. We believe it adds yet another festive layer to what we do.

•There is always something new in the UAE! As we look for new venues and new fun things to, it is a source of inspiration. In addition, the UAE is becoming more and more tolerant and daring, opening up avenues which we could not explore before.

•We ask our patrons to not bring plastic picnic gear to our events – rather be sustainable and bring proper white china to the Secret White Party. And choose organic locally produced white ingredients.

•Our next party will be held in January in a secret and festive place. We might go back to Dubai Opera at some point, because hosting chic pop up dinner parties there is incredibly special.