Mr White Dubai

The organiser of the exclusive Secret White Party, which took place this year at Dubai Opera
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Mr White Dubai
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Mr White Dubai
  • One of the biggest highlights of 2017 was sharing another Secret White Party (the fourth in the UAE) with 1,000 guests on the stage of Dubai Opera. We managed again to secretly gather them, get them to dress up in white and follow stringent instructions, even though they don’t know who we are, nor the location, until the very last minute. They only know the underground, non-profit and epicurean traditions we perpetuate every year.
  • The UAE is a land of opportunities, which enticed us to see how much we could push the boundaries of what is possible... That’s what excellence is about after all.
  • There are many temptations to turn what we do into a commercial event, but we believe the party is special not only because of its 30-year Parisian tradition, but because our guests are really committed. There is no sense of entitlement, people understand that there are some noble, humble yet shiny epicurean values that will get them co-opted and that, for once, it is not about the bling or flaunting money to be seen.
  •  We combine things that usually don’t match: a passion for fun parties; a respect for etiquette, gastronomy and fine dining; a meticulous approach to details and preparation; a rigorous choice in co-opting our guests (which unfortunately means saying no to some requests); and a love for glamour, all under the shroud of secrecy.

Photo location: Dubai Opera