Mr White Dubai

The anonymous epicurean behind Dubai’s Authentique White Secret Party.
Thursday , 06 April 2017
Mr White Dubai
Mr White Dubai
  •  In 2016, the Authentique White Secret Party in Dubai had its third event. A thousand people were persuaded to dress up in extravagant, full-on white attire and go through stringent preparations, even though they didn’t know the location for the event or who we are.

  • We select our guests, as we want to make sure that we have people who share our hedonistic values and come to have fun – it’s not for posers and profiteers. 

  • We work as a secret organisation and appoint about 10 Master Gatherers, who each appoint Gatherers who then select guests until we have around 1,000 invitees. As a result, each level is insulated from the previous one as everyone has taken a pledge of secrecy. 

  • You can’t apply, you have to be contacted. Guests are selected based on their personality, whether rich or poor, young or old – you need to shine. We’re very egalitarian, there’s no VIP treatment.

  • Myself and the other organisers don’t stage events for a living and have other full-time roles and professions. So, arguably, we’re amateurs, yet we’re all dedicated to having a good time and promoting a certain savoir vivresavoir être and esprit de fête

  • It’s secrecy that is the real challenge: people mustn’t know who we are. During the party, we’re in among the guests yet we’re as inconspicuous as possible.